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IMPORTANT: CSN Policy updated announcement

IMPORTANT: CSN Policy updated announcement

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Attention Students: 

 Please note the following policies have been updated:

Policy C-3, Grading & Evaluation System – Please note if anyone already has a WF on their record, they will not be allowed to have a second (or third if they already have two) without being dismissed from the program.  If students have questions, please contact your academic advisor towards the start of the semester.

 Policy C-11, Maintenance of Matriculation Status 

 Policy O-13, Title IX

 Policy S6-1 Financial Aid

 Policy S-12, Technology Policy

Please note the following guidelines have been created:

Guideline G-10, Procedure for In Class & Remote Online Testing


Please refer to the Student Handbook on the CSN website to view all policies and guidelines.  Please make careful note of the entire policies.