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CSN Policy updated announcement

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Attention Students: 

Please note the following policies have been updated:

C-2 – Attendance Policy
C-3 – Curriculum Policy
C-10 – Standardized test & course examinations
C-11 – Maintenance of Matriculation Status
O-1 – CSN Policies
G-10 -Exam Guidelines
G-13 – Student health clearance / Drug free campus Guideline
S-4 – Scholarships & Awards
S6-1 - Financial Policy
S-7 – Personal Safety
S-9 – Disability
S-12 – Technology Policy
Curriculum Plan Day & Eve
2023 -2025 Tuition & Costs

Please refer to the Student Handbook on the CSN website to view all policies and guidelines.  Please make careful note of the entire policies.

Westchester Community College

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Students taking courses at Westchester Community College during Spring, Summer, or Fall terms must pick up paperwork from Cochran Registrar.  All billing for WCC courses will be done by Cochran Bursar.  Non-compliance will result in $125.00 administrative fee accessed to Cochran's bill.

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